Privacy Policy

General is an encrypted service provided and developed by LLC . LLC is registered in the FREE state of Texas and will henceforth be referred to as “We”, “Us”, “Our” and “”. is a privacy and security FIRST VPN provider. With this in mind, our entire infrastructure is built with privacy & security as the core principles. You can watch a live stream of our data center any time. does not log any activity when you are connected to our VPN service. Therefore, we do not know who is connected to our service, what they are doing or when they are doing it. Nothing can be connected to any accounts:

no logging of traffic
no logging of timestamps
no logging of DNS requests
no logging of IP addresses
no logging of MAC addresses
no logging of individual user bandwidth transfers

We own every single server used to run our service. All VPN servers run without any hard drives – instead we use tmpfs storage in RAM. Writing permissions for the OpenVPN processes have been removed, as well as syslogs. Our VPN servers do not support physical console access, keyboard access nor usb access. When they are turned off or attempted any access all memory is permanently deleted.

Court orders can not provide any activity information or logs about users if a court order was issued asking us to provide any information. As mentioned before, no information about what our users do when connected is ever stored.

The only information we would be able to provide would be account information detailed further below as well as the method of payment. However, it requires that the court order is for a specific person and that the authorities want to verify if that person has a user account with us. We have not provided any information about our users to any government agencies. site
Our website runs on a physical machine that we own and has no logs and no customer info but username or email.

Confidentiality can not share information regarding where, how and when users use since that information does not exist. Furthermore, we do not require an e-mail addresses when signing up.

If a user wishes to delete any information we have about them, that user can contact us. If the user has an active subscription, any remaining subscription time will also be removed.

Users have the right to request, at any time, that their personal is either corrected or deleted. Users also have the right to request a copy of their personal data. If a user wishes to change, delete or receive a copy of their personal data, please contact our support. Requests may take up to a month to handle as this process is handled manually.

We are not able to provide users or any .gov with any payment data as it is not stored.